This is seclog

July 17, 2007

As a computer security engineer my knowledge always has to be up to date. It involves lots and lots of reading. Every day I go through tons of RSS feeds and hundreds of security related news. Not all of them are useful (at least for me) so before reading I have to scan the text and filter off articles that would be waste of my time. Then there are news/articles/publications I am interested in, but it’s important only for some time or is useful, but involves lot of further research form my side; these are quite good, but not worth mentioning here. Finally there are brilliant peaces of writings I have found interesting/particularly useful/fun to read etc. and want to introduce to you.

As I am busy at my day to day job and research I’ll keep my posts as short as possible. Most of the time I will post some links or pointers to someone’s writings with short review form my side.

As I am not native English speaker feel free to point out some spelling errors or word misuse. Yes, and I’ll be more then glad to answer your emails – mr.seclog[here_goes_at]


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